Relevant Experience

Innovation Africa Ltd has since 2006 extensive experience in designing and implementing various projects throughout the East Africa region.
These include:
♦ Urban and Rural Water supply and distribution works, filtration elements♦ Electrical and mechanical installations
♦ Sub surface surveys, borehole drilling and rehabilitation
♦ Pump sales , repairs, troubleshooting, installations
♦ Civil engineering works; various use buildings both masonry and structural steel
♦ Renovation/ repairs/ modifications of buildings
♦ Metal fabrication works
♦ Rural waste water and sewage works
♦ Hand dug well construction and spring protection.
♦ Design, supply, construct and maintenance of solar powered water pumping systems in rural environments for production and irrigation.
♦ Project management and design services for construction, engineering and project based programs for individuals, companies, NGOs or specialist entities
♦ Lake based intake and pumping platforms for large scaling farming and aquaculture practises
♦ Sanitation and health services including waste water
♦ Water storage and treatment elements
♦ Solar, electrical, hybrid, diesel, pump suppliers